Asheville Copywriting

If you are a local Asheville area business, you need to develop quality content for your site. Think about it: if someone is looking for a new dentist they will go to Google and type in “Asheville Dentists”. If you are not listed in the first page or within Google Places, you are out of luck. Quality SEO friendly copy has a major impact  on search engine rankings.

The importance of  properly written search engine copy cannot be understated. ..

Professionally Written Copy for Search Engine Survival

Quality content is more important today than ever before. The Google “Panda” update of 2011 established new standards for search engine rankings. That was when millions of websites saw their Google-driven traffic levels plummet overnight. Why? Because Google started to penalize poorly written content like never before. This update by Google “put many websites on endangered species list”. Is yours one of them? Contact Us today for help. In short, Google’s engineers tweaked their search ranking system, in what is known as the “Panda update“, and demoted many sites from appearing, as they previously had, among the key first 10 results.